Derek Tangredi

Derek Tangredi

Derek Tangredi is the Director of Integrated STEAM Education with Fair Chance Learning as well as an award winning teacher with the Thames Valley District School Board (London, Ontario) committed to progressive Education through student centered actions.

He is also founder of Hacked Education, a non-profit venture to give students the access and ability to use technology and equipment ordinarily unavailable to them at home or through their schools.

Derek has an Engineering background and is a speaker on several subjects including STEM, Makerspaces, Coding in the Classroom, Mathematics, Engineering, Design & Computational Thinking & Robotics.

He is a keynote speaker and has presented at Microsoft Student Summits, BIT, Synnex Canada, Connect, Global Maker Day, EdCamp Global, STEAM, iCON, Google Summits, Maker Faires & many more. You can find several of his professional talks online or linked through his webpage.

Derek is a curriculum designer and professional development creator & facilitator.  Please contact him if interested in a particular service.

Derek’s goal is to engage and empower students about their passions through Coding, Making, and Inquiry.  His goal is to extend learning beyond the classroom.