The Best of AR/VR

The Best AR/VR Applications
The Best AR/VR Applications

The Best AR/VR Applications



This graphic illustrates some of the most influential Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) applications within education.  While they are within the same educational realm their functionality is extremely diverse.  The infographic gives a brief overview of the content and I’ve taken the liberty of attaching hyperlinks below for you to explore.

Merge Virtual Reality 






ZapBox: Mixed Reality 


There are numerous applications not listed here but this post is dedicated to the apps most closely aligned to education.

While these apps offer unique sophistication and “wow” factor the goal isn’t to use these tools as simply a substitute for learning.  The goal here is to create experiences previously not possible or conceived.  If we examine the SAMR Model the goal should be to move beyond the substitution phase and into the redefinition zone.  These tools allow students the opportunity to differentiate their learning to appeal to their needs.  They spark creativity and natural inquiry while harnesses 21st century skill sets.

Here is a graphic of the SAMR model.

SAMR Model

SAMR Model








These AR/VR tools also easily support integration between subject disciplines.  They allow for easy cross-curricular connections while adhering to pedagogical practice.  If you want to examine the TPACK Model (Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge) it distinguishes the level of knowledge required for effective technological integration within the classroom.  I find this model very in depth and effective.  Please visit the link or view the model for additional information.











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